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I will heading up there Thursday and leaving monday

I’m going to fly into Toronto (and then walk to the convention which is apparently only 30 minutes away) on Thursday and figure out some method of transportation to St. Catharines on Monday or possibly Tuesday. XD I’ll figure it out when I get there. It’s still over a year away. I know for sure my sister and I are planning on four costumes.

Do you know what you’ll be cosplaying next year, or is it too soon to tell? :D

My sister is going this year as Jinx from League of Legends. I’m going to assume she’ll be cosplaying on Saturday. If you see her, kick her in the shins and tell her Coralle sent you. XD But don’t actually because she’s small and vicious. I’m not guaranteeing your health if you do that.

Other than DBZ, I’m not too sure what our cosplays are going to be for next year. I want to make the most of it and cosplay all four days because it’ll probably be another 2 years or so before I get out to that side of Canada again..

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